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Presence through movement
Presence through movement
Presence through movement
Presence through movement

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Event details

In addition to the Eckhart Tolle lecture, on the 1st of October Kim Eng, his partner and spouse, will give a course about movement practice, which includes and suppliment teaching of Eckhart Tolle.

Practice aim - to transform consciousness through the integration of body, mind and spirit.

Kim's practice helps:
- come to here-and-now through body
- restore the balance between the female and the male beginning (Yin and Yan)
- understand the inner self by revealing the foundation of life's goals

Kim Eng with her partner and husband Eckhart Tolle

Kim Eng travels and works extensively with Eckhart Tolle, the author of the best-selling books, The Power of Now and A New Earth, taking his teaching around the world. She is Eckhart’s partner and associate. Kim has produced two instructional DVDs entitled Presence through Movement, one incorporating Qi Flow Yoga, and the other Yin Yoga. She also has a 2-CD set of guided meditation practices entitled Meditations for A New Earth. Born in Vancouver, Canada, Kim’s spiritual search began in the early 1980s. She met Eckhart in 1998, and soon after, went through a transformational spiritual experience while attending one of his retreats. This was followed by seven years of intense spiritual training and unfoldment, after which she began counseling and showing others how to discover their own inner teacher and healer.

As a counselor and public speaker, as well as a facilitator of her Presence through Movement workshops, Kim has developed her own teaching modality which incorporates and complements Eckhart’s teachings. Her teachings are aimed at the transformation ofconsciousness through the integration of body, mind, and spirit. She sees our “God-nature” as living in and through our human bodies. When we awaken from unconscious to fully conscious living, we are naturally aligned with our God-nature and thus bring into manifestation a new earth.

In our world, where yang energy (masculine, active, outer) predominates, Kim’s Presence Through Movement practice brings us back into ourselves, by cultivating our yin side (feminine, accepting, inner). She says, “You can only find yourself within.” Her practice can help you regain a balance between yin and yang, realize who you are at the core of your being and so blossom into your life’s purpose, which is the awakening of consciousness.

Kim Eng facilitates workshops and retreats that draw from her Presence through Movement series. Her work translates the teachings found in The Power of Now and A New Earth into a structured practice used to cultivate Presence. She uses real life examples of bringing awareness into everyday life. Her retreats and workshops have taken place all over North America, Europe, and Australia.

1 October 2017
Starts at 14:00
Center "Open world"
Russia, Moscow
Pavlovskaya ulitsa 18

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